Trailer: Treasure of the Abandoned City

2013-02-08 17:22:48 by malec2b

I've just released a trailer for the new installment of the Tales of the Renegade Sector series of episodic action-adventure games. Following up on Castle of the Insect King, the Captain continues his search for Laserbeard's treasure, this time coming to the gates of an ancient abandoned city. However, it won't be easy to reach the treasure, as the city is surround by malevolent stone golems.


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2013-02-08 22:38:14

looks much more vibrant than others in the series! doing some impressive things in the preview; looks like Link to the Past meets Zoda's Revenge meets AWESOME

malec2b responds:

Thanks! The new visual style is thanks to the talented Todd Luke ( who is providing the art for this episode.


2013-02-09 00:29:03

hm! i was really impressed watching that rock golem disassemble/reassemble, also the dialogue w/ options. when will we see a release on NG?

(Updated ) malec2b responds:


I'm not sure about the release date at this point. The game itself is getting pretty close to complete (mostly a few missing assets, some interface stuff, testing and polish at this point). I'm hoping it'll be no more than a month or so away, but it could get waylaid by the sponsorship process.


2013-02-09 04:06:04

hmmm....if i may be so bold, do you find sponsorship to be fruitful in most cases? does it beat just running ads on NG?

malec2b responds:

When I can find a sponsorship it is definitely more fruitful. With the amount made from ads, I would have to get a few hundred thousand or even one million views to get close to a lower-to-mid-end sponsorship. Add to this that many sponsorships allow you to put ads in the game, and it's certainly more lucrative. I've only managed to get (small) sponsorships for a couple of my games in the past, but those made more from sponsorship than all my other games combined in ad revenue. The downside is the time and effort that goes into trying to find a sponsorship, which delays release of a game and could, in the end, amount to nothing.


2013-02-09 09:49:10

Wow, it looks damn good. I've posted on Tigsource as well saying how much I'm looking forward to this game. To me, it looks like Zelda crossed with Quake that's set in a desert. o.O

Anyway, looks good looking forward to playing it!