Venusian Vengeance Finished, Seeking Sponsorship

2012-07-23 16:47:38 by malec2b

The game I've been working on for the past 6 months or so is finished. It's been one of the largest scale projects I've worked on and probably the largest I've completed. In the time it took me to make the game, I made ~4 smaller games.

The game is a top-down run 'n' gun taking place on Venus, in an alternate history where the communists won the space race. The game was inspired by 80s action games and movies, as well as 50s sci-fi, particularly soviet sci-fi which depicted Venus as a lush planet covered in swamps and forests.

The game is currently seeking sponsorship on FGL. If you have a developer account on FGL with at least 1 approved game, you can try out the game now and give feedback. While the game is ostensibly finished, I'll likely be tweaking it up to the point I get a sponsorship so feedback would be most welcome.

Venusian Vengeance Finished, Seeking Sponsorship


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2012-07-23 17:27:39

This game is a ton of fun; I love the look and gameplay. I'll be sure to write a more in depth review on fgl when im done playing.

malec2b responds: